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NFIB: National Small Business Poll: Growth and External Impediments

Editor: Jr. William J. Dennis
November 2011


This poll's findings look at small business owners' desire for growth and the challenges they perceive to be holding their businesses back, such as economic uncertainty and weak sales.

• Small-business owners want to grow, though most want to grow modestly in absolute terms. Seventy-two (72) percent desire to add employees in the coming five years, a plurality wanting to add between one and four positions. Eighteen (18) percent do not want to change size and 6 percent want to contract.

• Not all desired growth is "new growth". While 41 percent want to add employees compared to where they were in 2008, 24 percent simply want to recoup employees lost over the last three years. Another 17 percent have down-sized their business, though a few in that group want to replace some of the positions lost during the Great Recession.

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