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OECD Development Co-operation Report, 2007

Published February 2008



OECD Development Co-operation Report, 2007

This summary of the annual OECD report on development cooperation discusses trends in aid and development. The report states, "Since 2003, official development assistance (ODA) has been on the rise in many of the countries where it is most needed: the least developed countries (LDCs), the other low-income countries (OLICs) and the lower middle-income countries (LMICs). In some of the stronger LMICs,nonetheless, there have been sharp falls in ODA. Yet as these countries have strengthened their ability to sustain their own development, these drops almost always have been marginal in relation to the size of their economies.

In parallel, both donors and recipient countries have made considerable efforts to improve the quality and effectiveness of ODA; these measures are as important as - and perhaps more important than -the increases in the amount of assistance.

Finally, there has been sharp growth in ODA in the health and basic education sectors. The results are evident in several key development targets, among them, the annual number of infant and child deaths has finally fallen below 10 million. Yet despite this progress, huge challenges remain. Gross inequality is still prevalent in the world and global problems - such as climate change - continue to grow. Donors still have to make a serious effort improve the amount and the effectiveness
of their aid if they are to deliver on their promises."