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Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future (Brundtland Report)

Published March 1987

This UN report on sustainable development was released in March 1987. The foreward, by Chairman Gro Harlem Brundtland, states,

"A global agenda for change" - this was what the World Commission on Environment and Development was asked to formulate. It was an urgent call by the General Assembly of the United Nations:

-    to propose long-term environmental strategies for achieving sustainable development by the year 2000 and beyond;

-    to recommend ways concern for the environment may be translated into greater co-operation among developing countries and between countries at different stages of economical and social development and lead to the achievement of common and mutually supportive objectives that take account of the interrelationships between people, resources, environment, and development;

-    to consider ways and means by which the international community can deal more effectively with environment concerns; and to help define shared perceptions of long-term environmental issues and the appropriate efforts needed to deal successfully with the problems of protecting and enhancing the environment, a long term agenda for action during the coming decades, and aspirational goals for the world community."

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