Academic Conference Calls

CFR's Academic Conference Call series provides students the opportunity to interact with a CFR fellow, Foreign Affairs author, or another expert in an hour long teleconferenced discussion. Calls take place every other week during each semester and are dedicated to different topics related to international affairs and U.S. foreign policy. Background readings are distributed prior to each call, and the audio recording is posted afterward below. This series is made possible in part by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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Academic Conference Call: Strengthening the Nonproliferation Regime (Audio)

Speaker: Charles D. Ferguson
Presider: Irina A. Faskianos

Listen to Charles D. Ferguson, the Philip D. Reed senior fellow for science and technology at CFR, discuss U.S. nuclear weapons policy and strengthening the nonproliferation regime with students as part of CFR's Academic Conference Call series.

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