About the Initiative

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Academic Initiative is designed to connect educators and students at the college and graduate level with CFR's research and nonpartisan analysis. CFR fosters knowledge of and an enduring interest in American foreign policy through:

  • An Academic Conference Call (ACC) Series that allows educators and students to engage in interactive discussions with CFR fellows and Foreign Affairs authors.
  • Teaching Modules that are designed to assist educators in creating or supplementing a course syllabus. The modules are built around a primary CFR text, such as a book or report, and include teaching notes by the author; additional readings; video and audio of CFR meetings; Foreign Affairs articles; and other online resources. Use of these modules is free of charge.
  • Audio, video, and transcripts of CFR meetings featuring policymakers and scholars in timely discussions.
  • Publications, including CFR books, Task Force reports, and Contingency Planning Memorandums, that offer analysis on major topical and regional issues. Full text of most publications may be downloaded free of charge on CFR's website.
  • CFR's award-winning website, which features daily analysis of current events by CFR fellows and a news editorial team.
  • A monthly enewsletter, the Educators Bulletin, that contains a compilation of CFR's latest resources on a wide range of functional and regional areas.

In addition to the resources provided by the CFR Academic Initiative, Foreign Affairs magazine, the leading forum for the serious discussion of foreign policy and global affairs, is committed to serving educators and researchers with instructive materials to help teach tomorrow's leaders and thinkers. Foreign Affairs offers:

  • A savings for students of 74% off the cover price when they subscribe.
  • Classroom subscription sign-up forms for professors.
  • Foreign Affairs Books: Collections of essays from the pages of Foreign Affairs on the most important topics of the day. Perfect for classroom use, these books are available in various digital and print formats.
  • Annotated reading lists from leading experts on important topics.
  • Custom Textbooks: University Readers enables instructors to assemble customized readers based on the vast library of articles published in Foreign Affairs and other prominent political science journals. For more information, contact 800.200.3908 x501 or info@universityreaders.com.
  • New! A citation button that automatically creates article bibliographies in just one click. Included on every article.

For more information on Foreign Affairs academic resources, please visit www.foreignaffairs.org/classroom. Please note that there is a charge for archived Foreign Affairs articles and Custom Textbooks.