Academic Bulletin

May 1, 2009

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Dear Educator:

I want to thank you for your ongoing participation in CFR's Academic Initiative. We have had a terrific year. In particular, our Academic Conference Call (ACC) series had record participation and connected students with CFR experts on timely international issues. We will send the Fall 2009 ACC series schedule this August.

Below you will find the latest reports from CFR. I hope you will consider these and other CFR resources as you plan your syllabi for the fall semester. For more information on CFR publications or to request an exam copy, please email

Enjoy the summer. We look forward to connecting with you again in August.

Best regards,
Irina A. Faskianos
Vice President, National Program & Outreach


U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy

In this new report, the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on Nuclear Weapons Policy finds that nuclear weapons will remain a fundamental element of U.S. national security in the near term. The report outlines recommendations on how to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the U.S. deterrent nuclear force, prevent nuclear terrorism, and strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation regime.

More Resources on Nuclear Policy:

CFR Meeting Transcript: Strengthening the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime

Expert Testimony: CFR President Richard N. Haass on Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Council Special Report: Deterring State Sponsorship of Nuclear Terrorism


Reversal in Iraq

This Center for Preventive Action Contingency Planning Memorandum by CFR Fellow Stephen Biddle assesses four interrelated scenarios in Iraq that could derail the prospects for peace and stability in Iraq in the short to medium term and posits concrete policy options to limit U.S. vulnerability to the possibility of such reversals.

More Resources on Iraq:

CFR Book: War of Necessity, War of Choice
-->Listen to author and CFR President Richard N. Haass discuss the book with professors in a special Academic Conference Call.

Interactive Timeline: The Iraq War

Foreign Affairs Article: "The Precedents for Withdrawal"


The National Interest and the Law of the Sea

In this report, CFR Fellow Scott G. Borgerson explores an important element of the maritime policy regime: the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. He examines the international negotiations that led to the convention, the history of debates in the United States over whether to join it, and the strategic importance of the oceans for U.S. foreign policy today.

More Resources on the Law of the Sea:

Expert Testimony: Scott G. Borgerson on the Global Implications of a Warming Arctic

Expert Brief: Scott G. Borgerson on the Crisis in America's Oceans

CFR Meeting Transcript: The Law of the Sea and Its Stakeholders


Lessons of the Financial Crisis

In this new Council Special Report, CFR Fellow Benn Steil argues that the financial crisis is the inevitable bust of a classic credit boom, and explains how monetary, taxation, and home ownership promotion policy combined with other feaures of the financial system fuel an unsustainable buildup in debt.

More Resources on the Financial Crisis:

CFR Meeting Video: Christina Romer on Growth Without Bubbles

Squam Lake Papers: A Systemic Regulator for Financial Markets

Foreign Affairs Article: "State Capitalism Comes of Age"


From AfPak to PakAf: A Response to the U.S. Strategy for South Asia

In this Policy Options Paper, CFR Fellow Daniel Markey argues that a narrow focus on counterterrorism is insufficient to protect U.S. interests in South Asia and advocates a long-term approach that prioritizes engagement with Pakistan.

More Resources on Afghanistan and Pakistan: Backgrounder: Winning the Information War in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Foreign Affairs Article: "How Dangerous Are the Taliban?"

Foreign Affairs Roundtable: "What's the Problem with Pakistan?"