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How Not to Become the Next Pakistan

Author: Ed Husain, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies
July 7, 2013


Egypt is beginning to self-destruct in slow motion. The euphoria about Morsi's fall is shallow and shortsighted. Yes, Morsi blundered at almost every turn. A Muslim Brotherhood apparatchik, he epitomized the organization that produces sheep-like followers, adherents, yes-men. Morsi was not a leader. Even beyond the personal issues, the malaise is deep within Egypt's largest political movement. But the military coup against Morsi has created many more problems than solved.

First, the Brotherhood will not disappear. They have survived Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar el-Sadat and Hosni Mubarak. They are at their best when they are persecuted: They find new recruits, wallow in victimhood, campaign and prepare for political power anew. They will do so with renewed energy. The continuing arrests and persecution of Brotherhood leaders will strengthen their mentality of being God's soldiers. And here's the rub: if free elections are held again, they will most likely win again.

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