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TIME: Interview with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Authors: Richard Stengel, Bobby Ghosh, and Karl Vick
November 28, 2012


TIME editors sat with Egypt's president for an exclusive interview, his first since helping to broker the Gaza cease-fire.

TIME: You're on the world stage now.

President Mohamed Morsi: (In English) The world stage is very difficult. It's not easy to be on the world stage. The world is now much more difficult than it was during your revolution. It's even more difficult. The world. More complicated, complex, difficult. It's a spaghetti-like structure. It's mixed up. So we need to somehow take things, easily, so we can go together, the whole world — peacefully, peacefully, hopefully, all kinds of peace. I think you know that in general people like to say that we should keep peace by all means. I'm not talking about peace by its traditional meaning. Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of living together, socially, culturally, not only militarily.

(Switching to Arabic) Thank you for your interest … a good bridge between Egypt and the U.S.

(In English) By the U.S., I mean the American people more than the authorities, politicians, etc. But the American people as I know are quite friendly, they are civilized, they have struggled, and they have given a lot of their country, to the world. It's a different climate as we see from here but I think the media now have made things very close… [i.e., made the world a smaller place] and people are a small village, getting together.

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