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Arabian Business: No Winner for the Middle East in US Election

Author: Ed Attwood
January 8, 2012


Ed Attwood of Arabian Business provides a quick review of Republican candidates' statements about the Arab world.

First it was Mitt, then it was Rick. Then Herman, then Newt, and for a short period it was Ron. Right now, it's looking like the ball is back in Mitt's court, although Rick (a different one) looks to have made a strong showing. Michele hasn't made much of an impression, and sadly – for the loonies and the neutrals – Sarah didn't show up at all.

We are, of course, talking about the Republican primary. It only happens once every four years (or not at all if there's an incumbent GOP president), and we should therefore enjoy the gaffes and the pratfalls while they last. One of the above names, alarmingly, will go on to contest the US presidency with Barack Obama in November.

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