Campaign 2008: The Role of Foreign Policy

Kellyanne Conway Chief Executive Officer and President, the polling company
Geoffrey Garin President, Peter D. Hart Research Associates
Douglas E. Schoen Chairman, Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, Inc.
Joseph A. Klein Columnist, Time Magazine
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Experts discuss poll results revealing the divergent opinions of Republicans and Democrats on U.S. foreign affairs priorities and how these could affect the presidential election.

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Andrew Kohut, founding director of the Pew Research Center, discusses the themes outlined in his forthcoming CFR Working Paper Resilient American Values: Optimism in an Era of Growing Inequality and Economic Difficulty, as part of CFR's State and Local Officials Conference Call series.

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Politico's Mike Allen and Michael Dimock of the Pew Research Center join NBC's Betsy Fischer Martin to discuss the upcoming midterm Congressional elections.

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