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Kasich's Speech at the Republican National Convention, August 2012

Speaker: John Kasich
Published August 28, 2012

Ohio governor John Kasich gave these remarks at the Republican National Convention on August 28, 2012. Kasich discussed job creation and budget issues. This transcript, provided by Fox News, was automatically generated.

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Parents and coverage that bring back Monica Crowley now pulls away John Kasich dot com -- for me on the factor.

Governor of Ohio he's there right now all right.

Let's go to the governor of -- case.

I don't know why you better.


Dylan and it's just 'cause I don't like the black eyed peas...

I -- feeling that we're about collect their new president of the United States.

Let me tell you why it matters because it really matters we need a president.

-- restore the strength and the power of the American people.

So we know people can rebuild our economy can so we the people can read -- the United States of America got.

Plain and simple.

You know we've made real progress in Ohio in restoring confidence because that's what's so much of life is about.

And we're setting people free.

In order to build success.

But we need a new partner in Washington this relationship is -- I'm not working it is holding us back.

I'm going to tell you our story.

I'm going to tell you this story of Ohio.

And the story of lessons learned.

I took office in 2011.

And when I came into office we were 48.

In the nation in job creation 48.

We had an eight billion dollar budget deficit the largest in the history of the great state of Ohio.

And we had 89 cents in our rainy day fund most toddlers have more than 89 cents in their little piggy banks Bledel.

What was in our treasury.

Our credit rating it was headed down the drain.

And we -- we had suffered a loss of 400000.

Jobs and ladies and gentlemen tonight.

The greatest moral issue in America today is job creation.

We had lost 400000.

Jobs are people were hurting and our families were hurting.

As a result of the recession.

In Ohio we were following a policy -- tax and spend and dot.

And that's too much of what politicians do they want to avoid the top issues.

But when we came in the power with my colleagues in the legislature.

We took our problems head on.

We balanced our budget that eight billion dollar deficit was eliminated without -- tax increase in the state of Ohio.


And we could not raise taxes because we were not competitor.

So you know how we didn't we did it the way that a family.

Does -- we sat down and set priorities.

We eliminated those programs that we no longer needed -- you know when government people spend our money they're very wasteful about it.

So we went through it and a limited those things we didn't need.

But we prioritize.

Those things that we really didn't need and I'll give you an example.

We allowed mom and -- At this stay in their own homes if fable instead of going into a nursing home.

Where the costs were five times -- high and when they're in their own home they're healthier and happier.

And frankly more independent.

And that's saved us a lot of money because we made government work better.

And that made.

Heck of a lot of sense for us we also cut taxes -- Ohio needed to be competitive.

We were eight billion in the hole we balance the budget but we cut our taxes can we cut the income tax.

Acts and the reason -- The same time we kill.

-- And we killed that.

Attacks because no person should have to visit the undertaker -- the tax man on the same day.

And small businesses and farmers should be able to pass on their hard work over the next generation.

That we need to do and in Washington as well.

And we restore common sense and our regulations.

And you don't want we still protect the environment we protect our families but we don't know over regulate and killed the job creators and our state and in fact.

We want to honor the job creators and our state and work with them because -- our families and I -- tell you ladies and gentlemen.

Just like what Mitt Romney's gonna face -- actions that we took were not always easy.

And the actions that we took.

We're not always popular.

But you know -- when you get yourself in public service you must lead.

-- you must do what is necessary.

And I want to tell you the good news of where we are today.

I told you a minute ago.

That when we came into office we were 48 -- job creation you know we're we are today.

We're fourth in America -- job creation and number one in the Manuel.

We went from 89 cents in our rainy day fund to 500.

Million dollars in surplus.

-- half a billion dollars in surplus.

From being in the hole.

You know I watched in horror as we saw the Italians in the French.

And the Spanish and the Greeks have their credit downgrade.

And I remember the night I watched America's credit -- downgraded.

But in Ohio instead of our credit going down the current drain.

Our credit outlook has been improved because it's -- recognize that we are managing our finances.

-- creating jobs.

But ladies and gentlemen.

Went over those last four years we have lost 400000.


In Ohio today we have grown new jobs by 120.

-- back.





But you know -- the windows in our face.

The president has given us headwinds.

President Obama has doubled the national debt you know I was chairman of the Budget Committee when we balance the budget 97.

And I look with horrible at that clock that shows fifteen trillion dollars in the national debt.

That's the sword of damocles hanging over our children's head.

And the president is doing nothing about an attack each year he's increasing that by one trillion dollars.

One trillion dollars.

Let me also tell you.

That the president says his answer to these problems lie in this.

More taxes.

Let's take more money out of the pockets.

The American people and send it -- two of all places Washington DC can you even believe it.

We not only need to balance budgets we need to cut taxes not raise them to get on the right track.

And his regulations and had a smothering effects.

On businesses and it has paralyzed the job creators.


This is the wrong philosophy.

These are the wrong policies.

And we need a new leader and that is exactly why I am for Mitt Romney for president of the united.

I want to tell you by -- of business leader.

If there -- anything we need in government today it's people who understand how to create jobs plain and simple.

And the people that criticize folks in business just simply don't get it they put us in this whole.

And Mitt Romney has a history of being a great job creator.

Secondly he was a great governor.

He went from.

Billions of dollars in the hole when he became governor took billions of dollars in surplus when he left.

And he winds from the loss of tens of thousands -- jobs when he became governor.

To the creation of 40000.

New jobs when he left office any dividend tax and juices of all places okay.

Can remember this beyond his work in business and beyond his work in government -- natural leader.

He took those Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and took them when they were in peril and headed down the drain.

He fixed the Olympics and -- every American proud of what he did in Salt Lake City.

And build a shining here -- brighter America as a result.


I want to tell you this Joseph Biden disputes a lot of those facts but Joseph Biden told me that he was a good golfer.

And I played golf -- Joseph Biden I can tell you that's not true.

As well as all the other things that he sense.

Bucks for the good of our kids.

I know where to Republican Convention.

But this is not about Republican and Democrat this is about somebody that's going to.

Get this country moving again restore the strength of our country energize the people set them -- him in a free enterprise system.

That's what this is all about it is about our children it is about our families it is about our country.

And frankly ladies and gentlemen it's about the world because even though I don't want to admitted they depend on the United States of America.

To lead and to bring moral purpose of the globe.

Ladies and gentlemen we got a lead here and march.

Everybody to make sure that Mitt Romney and Paul.

-- Ryan -- president.

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