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The Kosovo Conundrum

Author: Peter Beinart
April 12, 2007
Time Magazine


At first glance, the Democratic presidential front runners look like foreign policy clones. Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama all want to get out of Iraq. They all want to double down in Afghanistan. And they’re all for a diplomatic deal with Iran. To find someone who sounds really different, you have to scroll down—past Bill Richardson, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd—all the way to Dennis Kucinich, near the rock bottom of the 2008 field.

But it’s an illusion. The Democrats just look unified because the press isn't asking the right questions. It’s comparing the candidates with George W. Bush—who inhabits a different ideological universe—when it should be comparing them with another world leader, Tony Blair. Viewed through that lens, the Democrats aren’t so united at all. In fact, a deep foreign policy division runs through the party, not between the major campaigns but within them.

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