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New Blog Tracks Foreign Policy Issues in the U.S. Presidential Election

February 10, 2012
Council on Foreign Relations


The Council on Foreign Relations has launched a new blog, The Candidates and the World, to provide information and nonpartisan analysis on the foreign policy and national security dimensions of the 2012 presidential race.

"This blog serves as a concise and thoughtful resource for Americans, and global audiences, as they grapple with the difficult international issues the winner of this election will confront," said Robert McMahon, editor of

Regular features include:

Issue Trackers: Succinct explanations of the candidates' positions on topics such as the U.S. economy, immigration reform, and U.S. policy on Iran;

Video Issue Briefs: Primers by CFR scholars on issues ranging from the global economic realities facing the next president to the strategic importance of Pakistan;

Overnight Roundups: Daily posts compiling relevant statements and events from the campaign trail;

Views from Abroad: A weekly feature surveying international reporting and opinion on the election, as well as interviews with experts from around the world.

The Candidates and the World also features insights from CFR's fourteen other blogs. In particular, Senior Vice President and Director of Studies James M. Lindsay has been exploring the politics shaping U.S. foreign policy on The Water's Edge.

Also complementing CFR's election coverage is the recently launched Renewing America blog, which monitors the intersections between domestic and international policy on issues such as immigration, energy security, and trade.

Visit to join the conversation, and subscribe to email updates, or the RSS feed. Follow the blog on Twitter, @CFRcampaign, or subscribe to CFR's YouTube channel.

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