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Politic365: Don’t Democrats Have the Latino Vote on Lock?

Author: Justin Velez-Hagan
January 12, 2012


Justin Velez-Hagan of Politic365 points out potential contradictions in Latino support for Obama in the 2012 presidential race.

As far as political issues go, immigration continuously comes in at or near the top of the list for Hispanics, yet they continue to support Obama for president, who has an increasingly negative appeal on the issue. Given recent polling numbers combined with the president's record on immigration, you have to wonder: Are Hispanics contradicting themselves?

According to recent Latino Decisions polling, nearly 86% of Hispanics consider the economy and immigration to be the most important issues to Hispanics for 2012. In the case of immigration, the majority of Hispanics under the age of 50 think it's the number one issue and it comes in a very close second for everyone else.

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