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Politico: The New Senate: More Compromise, Less Filibuster?

Author: Manu Raju
November 7, 2012


For Senate Democrats, 2012 will be a chance to push through an ambitious agenda.

They still have a narrow majority, Republicans still control the House and there's still a Democrat occupying the White House.

But to Senate Democrats, 2012 is not 2010.

After playing defense and avoiding tough votes for much of the past two years, Democrats believe their sweeping wins of key Senate races and President Barack Obama's historic reelection give them new ground to push a more ambitious agenda, ranging from tax reform to an immigration overhaul to energy legislation. Democrats contend they have a new mandate to raise taxes on the rich and drive Washington's high-stakes fiscal debate over the next 60 days.

And above all else, they say it's time for the GOP to start compromising and stop filibustering.

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