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RCP: Romney Still Lagging in Foreign Policy Strategy

Author: Erin McPike
April 17, 2012


Mitt Romney's criticism of Obama's foreign policy only demonstrates his own incompetence and lack of credentials, argues Erin McPike in tracking the candidate's foreign policy history.

Since launching his bid for the White House last year, Mitt Romney has taken a far more passive approach to combating President Obama on foreign policy than he has to contrasting their economic approaches.

In his speeches, the GOP's all-but-certain standard-bearer regularly berates the president for the state of the economy. His campaign follows suit with daily documents, videos and press calls dinging the White House over unemployment. Team Romney frequently criticizes the administration for rising energy prices and for tax policies.

But when it comes to foreign policy, the tack has been more reactive and piecemeal.

When international incidents occur -- such as North Korea's failed rocket launch on Friday -- the Romney campaign cobbles together statements accusing Obama of failed leadership.

"Although the missile test failed, Pyongyang's . . . weapons program poses a clear and growing threat to the United States, one for which President Obama has no effective response," Romney said in a written statement. "Instead of approaching Pyongyang from a position of strength, President Obama sought to appease the regime with a food-aid deal that proved to be as naïve as it was short-lived. At the same time, he has cut critical U.S. missile defense programs and continues to underfund them."

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