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TIME: Class War 2012

Why Both Parties Are Flying the Anti-Wall Street Banner

Author: Michael Scherer
February 2, 2012


TIME's Michael Scherer comments on the class-based sense of injustice that is now roiling all sides of the ideological spectrum.

Newt Gingrich ended his campaign against Mitt Romney in Florida with the same message strategy that Romney's senior advisers had used in another Republican primary two years earlier: Attack Goldman Sachs. There was a good reason.

Amid the orange groves and senior centers, the successful investment bank served as Gingrich's red meat for the right. "You look at Goldman Sachs, which was the number one funder of Obama; now they're the number one funder of Romney," he told CBS News, just a day before the polls closed. "I think it's pretty easy to make the case Romney is the guy who will manage the decay."

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