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National Journal: The State of Obama's Energy Plan

January 24, 2011


What significance does President Obama's State of the Union address have for his administration's energy and climate policy?

In his speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night, Obama will likely highlight clean energy investments and their potential to spur the economy, the public health benefits of EPA enforcement under the Clean Air Act (something interest groups are pushing (subscription) him to promote), and America's global competitiveness and cooperation on clean energy initiatives.

Expert bloggers, we welcome you to log in here both before and after the speech to comment and react.

Pre-speech: What issues should Obama focus on in his speech, and how does that differ, if at all, from what you expect him to discuss?

Post-speech: Did the speech give any concrete indication of what direction the president wants his administration to take on energy and climate issues for the remaining two years of this term?

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