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Wall Street Journal: China's Demonization of Uighurs

Author: Rebiya Kadeer
November 4, 2013


"Heavy-handed policies are responsible for the upsurge in tensions, not jihadism or terrorism, and this is creating a vicious cycle. Without a fundamental change in policies toward Xinjiang and other minority areas such as Tibet and Inner Mongolia, Beijing's quest for "stability" is self-defeating."

The Chinese authorities' response to the crashing of a car into a bridge near to Tiananmen Square last week has left more questions than answers. The government claim that the incident was a "carefully planned, organized and premeditated" terror attack carried out by Uighurs is simply not believable and not backed up by any verifiable evidence.

The state moved swiftly to suppress news of the incident. The rapidity with which censors deleted social media posts and blocked online searches related to the crash in Beijing surprised even seasoned analysts of the Chinese Internet. When some overseas journalists showed up to Tiananmen Square to report on the incident, they were detained and the pictures in their cameras deleted.

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