A Conversation with Bernard Kouchner

Bernard Kouchner Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, France
Felix G. Rohatyn Senior Advisor to Chairman, Lehman Brothers; Former U.S. Ambassador to France (19972000)
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Press Conference with Secretary Kerry and French Foreign Minister Fabius, February 2013

Secretary John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius held this press conference after their meeting on February 27, 2013. They discussed the Syrian crisis, negotiations with Iran, and terrorism in North Africa.

Statements by U.S. Officials and French President Hollande

French President Francois Hollande visited the United States, from February 10-12, 2014. In Washington, he met with President Barack Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, directors of the IMF and the World Bank, and met with several American CEOs.

Why Franco-American Ties Matter

President Hollande's state visit was an attempted boost for the United States' lead EU security partner and a sign of a more activist foreign policy in the White House, says CFR's Charles Kupchan.

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