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Spiegel: The US Has Lived on Borrowed Money for Too Long

November 8, 2010


Published in Spiegel, this interview with German Finance Minister Schäuble provides insight into the relationship between Minister Schäuble and his American counterpart, Secretary Geithner, as well as the German position on the latest financial developments like the recent move towards quantitative easing.

In an interview with SPIEGEL, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, 68, criticizes US calls for Germany to reduce exports, outlines his plans for an insolvency framework for indebted European nations and the emphasizes the significance of the German-French axis for Europe.

SPIEGEL: Minister Schäuble, how well do you get along with your American counterpart, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner?

Schäuble: Mr. Geithner is an excellent minister. We have a good personal relationship.

SPIEGEL: Nevertheless, he constantly criticizes government officials in countries that are achieving high export surpluses and not doing enough to stimulate their domestic economies. He's referring to you, isn't he?

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