Global Governance Monitor

International cooperation is crucial for coping with today’s most pressing challenges. The Global Governance Monitor tracks global cooperation and recommends policy options to improve the world’s capacity to tackle ten global challenges.

Armed Conflict

Preventing armed conflict, keeping peace, and rebuilding war-torn states remain the most difficult challenges for policymakers and government officials throughout the world.


Over the past two decades, the global impact of transnational crime has risen to unprecedented levels as criminal groups use new technologies and diversify their activities.

Nuclear Proliferation

The current nuclear nonproliferation regime must be reinforced  to effectively address today's proliferation threats and pave the way for a world without nuclear weapons.

Global Finance

Regulating market volatility and economic risk has become fraught with difficulty following the 2008 financial crisis that plunged developed economies into recession.


Nations around the world need to embrace multilateral governance to protect the world's oceans, which play a critical role in global climate, provide an avenue for commerce, and sustain life on earth.

Climate Change

Avoiding the consequences of climate change will require large cuts in global greenhouse emissions and significant efforts to mitigate and adapt to changing weather patterns.

Public Health

Despite medical advances and improvements in water and sanitation, nutrition, housing, and education, poor health still plagues hundreds of millions around the world.


The unprecedented reach and threat of terrorist networks constitutes a new danger to states and requires innovative counterterrorism efforts.

Human Rights

In shaping a human rights policy for the twenty-first century, states must carefully craft tactics consistent with their interests and values to protect victims of abuse.

The Internet

Collaborative Internet governance structures are emerging, but they are being outpaced by policy challenges arising from the Internet’s rapid expansion and development.