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Robina Foundation Awards CFR $10.3 Million Grant to Expand Global Governance Program

January 20, 2012


The Robina Foundation has awarded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) a five-year, $10.3 million grant to expand its activities on international cooperation. This award is one of the largest operating grants in CFR's history and will support its International Institutions and Global Governance (IIGG) Program.

The IIGG Program was founded in 2008 with a generous grant from Robina with the recognition that existing multilateral arrangements are inadequate to address the transnational challenges facing the United States. The program and its scholars' work focuses on the institutional requirements needed for effective cooperation in the twenty-first century. "The Robina Foundation's generous commitment to IIGG will allow CFR to deepen and strengthen its work examining multilateral institutions, and what they can do to enhance the world's ability to contend with the most pressing global issues," says CFR President Richard N. Haass.

In its first three years, the IIGG Program has tracked and mapped the landscape of international organizations through its multimedia interactive, the Global Governance Monitor. IIGG has also produced over twenty reports on priorities for institutional reform, and provided policymakers with concrete recommendations for more effective management of the world's most pressing problems.

CFR Senior Fellow Stewart M. Patrick leads the IIGG Program. Previously, Patrick was a member of the U.S. Department of State's policy planning staff, where he helped formulate U.S. policy on Afghanistan and worked on a range of other global issues.

For more information on the IIGG Program, visit

The Robina Foundation was established in 2004 as the primary beneficiary of the estate of prominent business and community leader James H. Binger, a longtime CFR member. A former Honeywell CEO, Binger led the company through its expansion into the defense, aerospace, and computer industries.

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