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European Elections, Political Satire in Egypt, and More

Author: Editors
May 23, 2014


"Europe Goes to the Polls"

"Europe's broad strategic direction should be set by heads of government, not by the European Commission, even though that body proposes the detailed laws. The European Parliament should be downgraded, with more democratic control given to national parliaments. If the EU is to survive, it must hand powers back to the people."

Poster for European Parliament election 2014An Austrian police officer stands underneath a European election poster in front of the Parliament in Vienna. (Photo: Leonhard Foeger/Courtesy Reuters)
"Libya: Transition and U.S. Policy"
By Christopher M. Blanchard
Congressional Research Service

"The insecurity that was prevalent in Libya in the wake of the 2011 conflict has deepened, and armed militia groups and locally organized political leaders remain the most powerful arbiters of public affairs."

"$110 Per Hit"
By Phelim Kine
Foreign Policy

"Uy paid the death squad $110 per hit to eliminate from Tagum City what he frequently referred to as "weeds": suspected petty criminals, drug dealers, small-time thieves, and children living or working on the streets. Tagum City's gunmen did their job with chilling efficiency."

"Gallows Humor: Political Satire in Sisi's Egypt"
By Jonathan Guyer

"Among these voices are Egypt's political cartoonists, satire long a chief ombudsman for the country. While they don't report from violent protest zones, criticizing the security state is still perilous. Illustrators capture the everyday challenges Egyptians face, and produce work that is far-reaching: legible to the illiterate and capable of transcending cultural, class-based, and generational barriers. Plus, while illustrations may be creations of the imagination, their imagery goes straight to the gut. It shows the blunders of the ruling class in a moment's glance. Protesters in Tahrir Square carried cartoons on placards, not opposition op-eds."

"The Italian Disaster"
By Perry Anderson
London Review of Books

"Italy is not an average member of the Union. But nor is it a deviant from any standard to which it could be adjusted. There is a consecrated phrase to describe its position, much used within and outside the country, but it is wrong. Italy is not an anomaly within Europe. It is much closer to a concentrate of it."

"Elusive Equilibrium: America, Iran, and Saudi Arabia in a Changing Middle East"
By Frederic Wehrey and Karim Sadjadpour
Carnegie Endowment

"No bilateral relationship in the Middle East is more consequential for the region's future and U.S. interests than that between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. On nearly every single major issue in the Middle East, Tehran and Riyadh appear to be on opposing sides, confounding America's efforts to bring stability."

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