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Must Reads of the Week: Muslim Brotherhood, Antarctic Sea Ice, Future of News, and More

Author: Editors
November 1, 2013


Overcoming the Gulf in the Gulf
By Colin H. Kahl and Jacob Stokes
Defense One

"The diplomatic deals the United States is pursuing to constrain Iran's nuclear program and destroy Syria's chemical weapons are not at odds with Gulf security. On the contrary, they are essential to prevent regimes hostile to Gulf interests from possessing the world's most dangerous weapons."

As Egypt's Brotherhood Retreats, Risk of Extremism Rises
By Michael Gregory and Tom Perry

"The Brotherhood denounces violence and says it is committed to peaceful protest. But as members go into hiding, its key building blocks - local groups of seven members known as usras - are under pressure."

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi protest Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi attend a protest in the southern suburb of Maadi, on the outskirts of Cairo. (Photo: Amr Dalsh/Courtesy Reuters)
Syria: What Chance to Stop the Slaughter?
By Kenneth Roth
The New York Review of Books

"What then might be done to convince Russia to end its defense of Assad's atrocities and to continue down the constructive path suggested by the chemical weapons deal at the UN and the statement in favor of humanitarian relief? One reason Moscow has been able to continue its intransigence for so long is that it has paid little price for it."

Optimism About an End to the Euro Crisis is Wrong
By Wolfgang Münchau
Financial Times

"In a monetary union, adjustment is hard without any transfers and without a fiscal union. I know of no plausible plan how the eurozone can manage the dual feat of economic adjustment and debt sustainability within the straitjacket of official policy. And as long as such a plan does not exist, the crisis is not over."

Why Is Antarctic Sea Ice Growing?
By Guy Williams
The Conversation

"This winter, the maximum total Antarctic sea ice extent was reported to be 19.47 million square metres, which is 3.6% above the winter average calculated from 1981 to 2010. This continues a trend that is weakly positive and remains in stark contrast to the decline in Arctic summer sea ice extent."

Ousted General in Egypt Is Back, as Islamists' Foe
By David Kirkpatrick
New York Times

"Critics of General Tohamy say he was the quintessential Mubarak man, the handpicked guardian of the system of corruption and impunity that was a central grievance of the revolution of January 2011. And his swift and silent return, the critics say, signals a restoration of the old order after the military takeover."

Money Mirage Exposes Emerging Markets
By Gillian Tett
Financial Times

"As money has rushed into emerging markets in recent years, this has created an image of abundant liquidity. But this image may be dangerously illusory, some policy makers fear, as one of the little-noticed ironies of the 2013 financial system is that there may now be fewer–not more–shock absorbers in the markets than there were before 2008. This factor may explain why this summer's gyrations in emerging market assets were so dramatic."

Sinai Security: Opportunities for Unlikely Cooperation Among Egypt, Israel, and Hamas
By Zack Gold


"A strengthened security relationship between these unlikely partners would be mutually beneficial and allow the sides to combine their assets to counter shared threats while minimizing the risks of international blowback."

Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News?
By Bill Keller
New York Times

"Much of the speculation about the future of news focuses on the business model: How will we generate the revenues to pay the people who gather and disseminate the news? But the disruptive power of the Internet raises other profound questions about what journalism is becoming, about its essential character and values."

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