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Must Reads of the Week: Political Islam's Future, EU-China Ties, Kony 2014, and More

Author: Editors
March 28, 2014


"Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom on Guard"
By Roula Khalaf
Financial Times

"Two camps are emerging: one led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which maintains that political Islam is a perilous force that should be confronted; and the other led by Qatar and Turkey's ruling party, which believes in political Islam's ability to transform the region. 'This confrontation has not reached its peak yet,' [Tarek Osman] says. Saudi Arabia's policies might be pursued in the name of stability. But they could well achieve the opposite."

Saudi Arabia's Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Naifi al Saud.] Saudi Arabia's Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Naifi al Saud shakes hands with members of Saudi special forces during a training session in Darma. (Photo: Faisal Nasser/ Courtesy Reuters)
"Despite Thaw, EU Struggles to Find Unified Policy on China"
By Famke Krumbmuller
World Politics Review

"After 2014, when the EU's new leadership is in place and the eurozone's economic prospects are expected to continue improving, there will be greater national-level incentives to depoliticize and 'denationalize' commercial ties with China, and let Brussels establish and lead a unified approach."

"What Should Michelle Obama Accomplish on Her Trip to China?"
By Orville Schell, Vincent Ni, Leta Hong Fincher, Elizabeth Economy, Robert Kapp, Jindong Cai, and Sheila Melvin
China File

"The altar of wishful thinking is that this trip will in some way influence how Chinese president Xi Jinping directs the Chinese navy to behave on the East and South China Seas or how he responds to Russia's behavior in Crimea."

"Can the U.S. Military Really 'Pivot' to Asia?"
By Stephanie Gaskell
Defense One

"Budget constraints are clearly affecting President Obama's plan to beef up the military's presence in Asia, and just how much is starting to become clearer."

"U.S. Stepping Up Campaign Against Joseph Kony, Highlighting Complex Relationship With Uganda"
By Hayes Brown
Think Progress

"Five months into his first term in office, President Barack Obama laid out his vision for how American values would guide his thinking in crafting foreign policy. 'We uphold our most cherished values not only because doing so is right, but because it strengthens our country and it keeps us safe,' he said at the time…. The next five years have shown the difficulty that comes when some of those values clash with each other, jostling for dominance."

"Holding Back Half the Nation"

"By 2020 Mr. Abe wants women to occupy 30% of all "leadership" positions—which would include members of parliament, heads of local government and corporate executives. His most practical step has been to try to shorten waiting lists for child care by allowing more private companies into a previously state-dominated sector."

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