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Must Reads of the Week: Ukraine, the European Union, Refugee Camps, and More

Author: Editors
February 21, 2014


"What You Should Know About Ukraine"
By Ian Bremmer

"Sadly, [President] Yanukovych's ouster won't solve Ukraine's larger problem: Its Russian-dominated past exerts a powerful pull and Europe is nowhere near ready to help the country build a more peaceful and prosperous future."

An anti-government protester is seen outside the destroyed building of the security service in Lviv February 19, 2014.An anti-government protester is seen outside the destroyed building of the security service in Lviv.(Photo: Stringer/Courtesy Reuters)
"Ukraine Exposes EU Policy Disarray"
Wall Street Journal
By Stephen Fidler, Laurence Norman, and Bertrand Benoit

"The deadly violence that exploded this week in Ukraine has another victim: Europe's foreign-policy credibility.

"A few months ago Ukraine looked on course to be drawn into the Western orbit through a wide-ranging trade-and-aid agreement with the European Union. Today, Ukraine is advertising Europe's helplessness to influence events even in countries close to its borders."

"Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine"
New York Review of Books
By Timothy Snyder

"To set its own course, Ukraine needs normal public debate, the restoration of parliamentary democracy, and workable relations with all of its neighbors. Ukraine is full of sophisticated and ambitious people. If people in the West become caught up in the question of whether they are largely Nazis or not, then they may miss the central issues in the present crisis."

"How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp"
New York Times Magazine
By Mac McCelland

"There are projected to be 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey by year's end.

"The Turks may have built as good a refugee camp as it is possible to build. But a camp is still a camp. And if a camp becomes a shelter not just for a few months but for years, a substitute — even a deterrent — to a real solution, how much does it matter how nice it is?"

"The Muslims of the Central African Republic Face a Deadly Purge"
By Andrew Katz

"The campaign of looting and murder in recent weeks has led to an alarming demographic crisis in the Central African Republic. About 1 million of its 4.6 million people have been displaced and at least 2,000 have been killed."

"Even China Has Second Thoughts on South Sudan After Violence"
Los Angeles Times
By Robyn Dixon

"China has long maintained a no-strings-attached approach to doing business in Africa, with little involvement in conflict resolution. But the friction in recent years between Sudan and South Sudan, and now within South Sudan, has resulted in a marked change because of China's interest in maintaining its oil supply."

"Nobel Winner's Frank Advice to China's Leadership"
New York Times
By Jonathan Schlefer

"While Mr. Spence has come away impressed with how 'curious and open' Chinese officials are, he also doesn't mince words about how serious China's problems are. With the global economy increasingly dependent on China, the danger is that the nation is 'on a collision course with its own growth model,' he said in an interview."

"Washington Regrets the Shinzo Abe It Wished For"
Financial Times
By David Pilling

"[Shinzo Abe] is the first leader in years with any hope of solving the festering issue of U.S. marine bases in Okinawa. He is willing to spend more on defence after years of a self-imposed limit of 1 per cent of output. Those policies, however, come with a price tag: a revisionist nationalism that many in Washington find distasteful."

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