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Report of the Security Council Mission to Haiti, March 2009

Published March 2009

This UN Security Council report states, "In a letter dated 3 February 2009, the President of the Security Council informed the Secretary-General that the members of the Council had decided to send a mission to Haiti from 11 to 14 March, which would be led by Jorge Urbina of Costa Rica...the mission left New York on 11 March and returned on 14 March. This was the second visit of the Security Council to Haiti, the previous one having been in 2005." The report offers observations and analysis of security, political dialogue and elections, extension of state authority, rule of law and human rights, the humanitarian situation, social and economic development, and regional cooperation.

Regarding the UN's role, it concludes, "Given the further progress needed before the Haitian National Police is in a position to fully assume its responsibilities, the continued presence of MINUSTAH currently remains essential. The eventual drawdown of MINUSTAH troops and police will need to take place gradually to reflect the progressive strengthening of Haitian institutional capacity and the changing circumstances on the ground. It is also important to strengthen the capacity of the Haitian authorities to ensure socio-economic stability and development for the future of the country and to consider the role of the United Nations in this regard. While the support provided by the United Nations remains critical, the long-term engagement of other bilateral and multilateral partners, including regional organizations, private foundations and non-traditional donors, will be required to ensure that Haiti remains on the path to stability and sustainable development."


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