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The Health Cost that Can Ruin the Economy

Author: Michael W. Hodin, Adjunct Senior Fellow
April 11, 2012
The Fiscal Times


Now that Santorum has suspended his campaign, Romney and Obama are setting their sights on one another. For both candidates, the growing "senior" demographic is becoming an ever-more coveted prize. As they market themselves to the AARP and other voting blocs, Medicare is proving to be the decisive issue.

Obama claims that a Romney presidency will end Medicare as we know it. And Romney contends that the reforms within the "marvelous" Ryan budget are exactly what is needed to save Medicare. Who makes the better sell of his Medicare vision may prove victorious come November.

This debate is not limited to the U.S. In fact, if the Medicare debate has taken a brash rhetorical turn here in the States, then in Britain it's downright ugly. Last month, former British Health Minister Stephen Dorrell claimed that debates over the future of the NHS have "lost touch with reality," because they are built on "an increasing perception that care for the elderly does not work".

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