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National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security, January 2012

Published January 25, 2012


National Strategy

National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security, January 2012

The White House released its National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security on January 25, 2012.

The strategy aims to "establish the United States Government's policy to strengthen the global supply chain in order to protect the welfare and interests of the American people and secure our Nation's economic prosperity. Our focus in this Strategy is the worldwide network of transportation, postal, and shipping pathways; assets and infrastructure by which goods are moved from the point of manufacture until they reach an end consumer; and supporting communications infrastructure and systems.

The Strategy includes two goals:

To Promote the Efficient and Secure Movement of Goods – The first goal is to promote the timely and efficient flow of legitimate commerce while protecting and securing the supply chain from exploitation, and reducing its vulnerability to disruption. To this end we will enhance the integrity of goods as they move through the global supply chain. We will also understand and resolve threats early in the process, and strengthen the security of physical infrastructure, conveyances, and information assets while seeking to maximize trade through modernizing supply chain infrastructure and processes.

To Foster a Resilient Supply Chain – The second goal is to foster a global supply chain system that is prepared for and can withstand evolving threats and hazards and that can recover rapidly from disruptions. To achieve this we will prioritize efforts to mitigate systemic vulnerabilities and refine plans to reconstitute the flow of commerce after disruptions."

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