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Human Security Report

Published January 1, 2013









The UN's Human Security Report is inspired by the UN’s Human Development Report. The report began in 2005 and provides information and analyses on global and regional trends in armed conflict and other forms of organized violence.

2013: "the focus of the 2013 Human Security Report is the growing debate over whether the long-term threat of violence--war, terrorism, homicide--has been decreasing or increasing worldwide."

2012: "The Human Security Report 2012 challenges a number of widely held assumptions about the nature of sexual violence during war and the effect of conflict on education systems. Both analyses are part of the Human Security Report Project’s ongoing investigation of the human costs of war. "

2009/2010: "Human Security Report 2009/2010: The Causes of Peace and The Shrinking Costs of War."

2007: "Challenging the expert consensus that the threat of global terrorism is increasing, the Human Security Brief 2007 reveals a sharp net decline in the incidence of terrorist violence around the world."

2006: "The Human Security Brief 2006 updates the 2005 Human Security Report's conflict trend data and analyzes the findings of two recently released datasets that track trends in war terminations and organized violence against civilians."

2005: “The Human Security Report 2005: War and Peace in the 21st Century documents a dramatic, but largely unknown, decline in the number of wars, genocides, and human rights abuse over the past decade. …the Report argues that the single most compelling explanation for these changes is found in the unprecedented upsurge of international activism, spearheaded by the UN, which took place in the wake of the Cold War and was designed to stop ongoing wars, help negotiate peace settlements, support post-conflict reconstruction, and prevent old wars from starting again.”

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