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Intervention and American Foreign Policy (Foreign Affairs Books)

Editors: , Editor, Foreign Affairs and Peter G. Peterson Chair, and James F. Hoge Jr.

Intervention and American Foreign Policy (Foreign Affairs Books) - intervention-and-american-foreign-policy-foreign-affairs-books

Publisher Foreign Affairs

Release Date January 2001

Price Out of Print

154 pages
ISBN 0876093063




Quelling the Teacup Wars
Leslie H. Gelb,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 1994

The Delusion of Impartial Intervention
Richard K. Betts,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 1994

In Defense of Intervention
Tony Smith,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 1994

Foreign Policy As Social Work
Michael Mandelbaum,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 1996

Somalia and the Future of Humanitarian Intervention
Walter Clarke and Jeffrey Herbst,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 2000

The Troubled History of Partition
Radha Kumar,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 1997

The Exit Strategy Delusion
Gideon Rose,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 1998

Give War a Chance
Edward N. Luttwak,  Foreign Affairs,  July/August 1999

A Perfect Failure: NATO's War Against Yugoslavia
Michael Mandelbaum,  Foreign Affairs,  September/October 1999

A Perfect Polemic: Blind to Reality on Kosovo
James B. Steinberg,  Foreign Affairs,  Novermber/December 1999

Rwanda in Retrospect
Alan J. Kuperman,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 2000

Alison L. Des Forges and Alan J. Kuperman,  Foreign Affairs,  May/June 2000

Calling All Regio-Cops
Michael Hirsch,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 2000

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