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Nagy's Telegram to Diplomatic Missions in Budapest Declaring Hungary's Neutrality

Author: Imre Nagy
Published November 1, 1956

Imre Nagy, prime minister and acting foreign minister of Hungary, sent this telegram on November 1, 1956 to diplomatic missions in Budapest, Hungary. Nagy asks for the withdrawal of Soviet troops, declaring Hungary's neutrality, and denounces the Warsaw Pact.

The prime minister of the Hungarian People's Republic, in his role as acting foreign minister,
informs your excellency of the following:

The Government of the Hungarian People's Republic has received trustworthy reports of the entrance of new Soviet military units into Hungary. The President of the Council of Ministers, as acting Foreign Minister, summoned Mr. Andropov, the Soviet Union's special and plenipotentiary ambassador to Hungary, and most firmly objected to the entrance of new military units into Hungary. He demanded the immediate and fast withdrawal of the Soviet units. He announced to the Soviet ambassador that the Hungarian government was withdrawing from the Warsaw Pact, simultaneously declaring Hungary's neutrality, and that it was turning to the United Nations and asking the four Great Powers to help protect its neutrality.

The Soviet Ambassador acknowledged the objection and announcement of the president of the Council of Ministers and acting foreign minister, and promised to ask his government for a reply without delay.

Your Excellency, please accept with this my most sincere respects.