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CAP: Principles for Immigration Reform

Author: Center for American Progress
November 30, 2007


The Center for American Progress report argues for the necessity of an immigration reform that not only creates a well-regulated, legal, global labor market but also protects U.S. workers.

Excerpt: The U.S. immigration system is in need of fundamental reform. The public demands it. Our security requires it. Economic reality compels it. Restoration of our moral standing in the world, and particularly in the Americas, is impossible without it.

Unfortunately, a series of piecemeal and mean-spirited initiatives at the local, state, and federal level have sought to fill the vacuum created by the restrictionist defeat of comprehensive immigration reform earlier this year. Although it is easy to understand the desire to quell public clamoring for solutions to our immigration challenges, these futile diversions should not derail us from the task at hand-creating a 21st century immigration system that serves our economic, security, and moral interests.

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