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LAT: The Immigration Debate, Again

Author: Tamar Jacoby, President, ImmigrationWorks USA
May 7, 2009


Tamar Jacoby says the political landscape shifted enough that it is possible for the dynamics of immigration reform to change this time.

Excerpt: Immigration reform -- you may think you've seen this movie before, too many times already. You know the arguments. You dread the polarization. And you doubt that Congress can do any better at making the compromises needed to fix the system.

But with the Obama White House rekindling the conversation about immigration, skeptics ought to think again. None of the problems have gone away, after all. Neither the economic downturn nor enhanced enforcement has driven 12 million illegal immigrants to leave the country. Enforcement is still far from effective, either on the border or in the workplace. And even in a recession, we still seem to need foreign workers, especially at the bottom of the economy.

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