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USCIS Strategic Plan, 2008-2012

Published September 2008


National Strategy

USCIS Strategic Plan, 2008-2012

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' strategic plan "emphasizes USCIS’ progress from its original role as a new component of the Department of Homeland Security to our present standing as a progressive and respected contributor to a coordinated homeland security effort."

The plan contains:

"◦◦ Context for Strategic Planning – Effective strategic planning requires an understanding of
the context in which we operate. This context encompasses the social, economic, political and
environmental factors that influence and shape our organization, our relationship with our many and diverse stakeholders, and our relationship with DHS and its components, and other federal agencies.

◦◦ Strategic Plan Framework – Our Strategic Plan describes our long-term strategic direction in
broad terms. The plan provides the integrated planning context for other USCIS initiatives, such as the business transformation plan, human capital strategy, management improvement plans, and the development of new immigration programs.

◦◦ Strategic Goals and Objectives – USCIS’ Strategic Plan is organized around six goals, which
are comprised of strategically integrated sets of verifiable objectives. The objectives are supported by actionable strategies, and include a discussion of accomplishments that build the foundation for continued improvements and implementation efforts. These were developed by cross-functional teams to avoid compartmentalization and to facilitate coordination and partnering within and beyond the organization."


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