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3 Country: Financing Energy Efficiency

May 16, 2006



Following an introduction in Chapter 1, the report summarizes the overall energy efficiency agenda and different tools to promote that agenda, and then focuses on needs to develop financing mechanisms for energy efficiency investments in existing enterprises and facilities in Chapters 2 and 3. Chapter 4 provides a framework for thinking about the basic institutional challenges and the basic types of energy efficiency investment mechanisms. Chapter 5 deals with the needs that all such mechanisms have for marketing, project development and technical assessment of energy efficiency projects, needs for local capacities in these areas, and the options for developing and incorporating such capacities within investment delivery mechanisms. Chapter 6 deals with the needs for arranging financing flows which all investment mechanisms require, the issues involved, and the options available for meeting these needs. Chapter 7 summarizes experience with the development and operation of a range of energy efficiency investment mechanisms, and lessons learned. Chapter 8 provides some basic conclusions, including summary advice from the study team concerning each country, perceptions as to the roles of international financial institutions, and some operational suggestions for those considering new energy efficiency financing programs.

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