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Carnegie: After the Mourning in India

Author: Milan Vaishnav
December 31, 2012


Deep-seated institutional shortcomings are becoming an increasingly significant factor in the injustices suffered by women in India today.

The death of a young female student, after she suffered a vicious gang rape on a public bus in Delhi, ushered in an unceremonious end to India's 2012. The New Year in the world's largest democracy will be marked not with a bang but with a whimper.

This heart-wrenching incident in the nation's capital has shocked the conscience of Indians and non-Indians alike, and it comes at the tail end of what could charitably be described as a trying year—one that has rendered even the most loquacious of India-boosters at a loss for words. In 2012, India saw revelations of staggering grand corruption, a confidence-decimating blackout that left hundreds of millions without power, and the disappointing reality of a hobbled economy that appears to have lost the dynamism it displayed during the heady 2000s.

The cruel gang rape of "India's daughter"—and the many other instances of violence against women, some that are reported and many sadly that are not—are blemishes on Indian society.

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