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Carnegie Endowment: How India's Parliamentary Elections Work

February 14, 2014


An infographic on the upcoming elections in India, including an explanation what's at stake in 2014, a history of past elections, and information on the mechanics of the elections. The graphic explores the principal parties and the formation of the national government as a whole. India's sixteenth general election is set to take place in late Spring 2014 once the term expires for the current Lok Sabha, or lower house, on May 31, 2014.

India's sixteenth general election will fill 543 of the 545 seats of the lower house of parliament, the Lok Sabha (or "House of the People"). National elections take place at lease every five years, but they can be held earlier if the government calls an early vote or loses the confidence of the majority of the members. Here's a closer look at what is (and what's not) at stake in the 2014 national election:

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