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Newsweek: Between Delhi and D.C.

Author: Sumit Ganguly
May 30, 2009


Sumit Ganguly says that while many predict warming relations between India and the U.S. in the wake of India's elections, potential conflicts loom on three fronts: Kashmir, proliferation, and trade.

Since the Congress Party's huge win in India's elections was announced on May 16, pundits across the country and in the United States have predicted that the warming relations between Delhi and D.C. are now sure to grow even closer. After all, Congress has finally rid itself of the troublesome coalition partners that were holding it back; surely now it will press forward on the issues that matter most to Washington, such as strengthening the two countries' budding security partnership.

Yet this optimism overlooks some real dangers. Potential conflict looms on three fronts-Kashmir, nonproliferation and trade-and unless the Obama administration handles these issues with more dexterity than Washington has shown thus far, relations with a newly emboldened Indian government could actually get a lot more tense in the months ahead.

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