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PESD: Energy and India’s Foreign Policy

Authors: Jeremy Carl, Varun Rai, and David G. Victor, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Science and Technology
May 1, 2008


There is a growing recognition that energy security needs to be a critical component of India’s foreign policy and energy policy. Energy security has been defined by India’s political leadership as being able to “supply lifeline energy to all our citizens as well as meet their effective demand for safe and convenient energy . . .at affordable cost.” This same theme⎯the Indian energy vision⎯has found voice time and again among India’s senior political leadership.

Yet, the across-the-board recognition of the need for reforms and the steps taken towards fulfilling them have not translated into sufficient real progress⎯while reforms in the coal sector may have begun to meaningfully take hold in the past couple of years, they are also very much incomplete.

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