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WSJ: India Can Move the Needle on Burma

Author: Kelley Currie
January 18, 2010


In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Kelley Currie of Project 2049 Institute says that Delhi should be more clever about using its own values and role as a regional leader to press for political reform.

Burma is back in the news amid reports that the ruling military junta has set its upcoming "elections" for October 2010 and is making serious efforts to secure short-range ballistic missiles. Taken with the lack of results from the Obama administration's attempted engagement with the junta, these developments highlight the need for stepped-up regional activism in favor of democracy in Burma, especially from its democratic neighbors.

India in particular faces an increasingly untenable balancing act in maintaining its current accommodation of the junta, and will be under growing pressure this year to move toward a policy that better aligns its values and interests. Such a shift would be a boon to those supporting democratic reforms in Burma, as well as to India's own interests and its regional leadership aspirations.

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