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Mitt Romney's Vision for a Vibrant Rural America

Agricultural Prosperity

Published October 9, 2012


White Paper

Agricultural Prosperity

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A prosperous agriculture sector is incredibly important for a vibrant rural America, and for the health of the entire American economy. The heartland of this country holds the best of what has made our country great and the dreams of what America can grow to be in the future. But it is not only our core values that thrive in our small towns and family farms; our economy does as well, when hardworking men and women are supported by sound policies that promote growth while minimizing unnecessary interference from Washington bureaucrats.

Mitt Romney understands this truth well, which is why his Plan for a Stronger Middle Class includes policies designed to strengthen our nation's rural communities. He will embrace the immense opportunity of American agriculture, selling goods around the world and helping to achieve energy independence here at home. He will pursue fundamental tax reform that cuts tax rates for all Americans and eliminates the estate tax that unfairly penalizes family farms. And he will respect the legitimate needs and concerns of farmers and ranchers, by ensuring that a strong farm bill is passed in timely fashion and by pursuing rational regulation that protects health, safety, and the environment without imposing unnecessary burdens.

Romney will reverse President Obama's out-of-touch and counterproductive approach to rural America and instead champion the efforts of those who guarantee the safety and security of America's food supply, produce economic prosperity, and help to feed the world.


  • Implement effective tax policies to support family farms and strong agribusiness;
  • Pursue trade policies that expand upon the success of the agriculture sector, not limit it;
  • Create a regulatory environment that is common sense and cost-effective; and
  • Achieve energy independence on this continent by 2020.

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