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Defense Industrial Base: Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Sector-Specific Plan as Input to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan

Published May 2007

"The Department of Defense is pleased to publish this Sector Specific Plan for the DIB. This Plan is a product of extensive collaboration among DoD, its interagency partners, and representatives of the private sector. Our national and international private sector partners make up the majority of DIB owners/operators, and range from small proprietors to Fortune 500 corporations employing tens of thousands of people. It is only through their continued voluntary cooperation that the important work of protecting the defense industrial base can be achieved.

This Plan is a living document. As the national security environment continues to evolve, so must our plans. To this end, the DIB partners have committed to periodic Plan reviews and revisions ensuring the highest standard of preparedness and readiness of the DIB sector. The Defense Industrial Base is an unmatched element of National Power that differentiates the United States from all potential opponents. Protection of the DIB is paramount to maintain that competitive advantage in executing National Strategy."

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