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U.S. Infrastructure: Return to Rail?

Author: Joseph Szabo
November 1, 2011


Joseph Szabo explains the benefits of a proposed U.S. high-speed rail system.

There is no doubt that the US railroad has suffered over the past few decades. Indeed, after 60 years starved of investment, is it any wonder that America's dilapidated railroads have slowly been sinking out of sight?

However, in an interesting turnaround the current administration has a strong commitment to developing a variable high-speed rail network across the country, which will have huge implications for the current railroad system. In less than a year the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) has moved from a concept to the development of a high-speed rail vision document, the development of a strategy for implementation and developed the initial brand guidance. Why is it moving so quickly? Well, in a study recently presented by the Millennium Institute, the likely benefits of an expenditure of $250 to $500 billion on improved rail infrastructure found that 83 percent of all long-haul trucks would be eliminated from the nation's highways by 2030, while also delivering ample capacity for high-speed passenger rail.

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