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Wiretap Report, 2008

Published April 27, 2009



Wiretap Report, 2008

This yearly publication by the U.S. Courts reports on applications for wiretaps in 2008. It states, "A total of 1,891 applications to federal and state judges for orders authorizing the interception of wire, oral or electronic communications were reported in 2008. No applications were denied. This is a 14 percent decrease in the total of applications reported, compared to 2007. Fewer statesó22 states compared to 24 in 2007óreported wiretap activity and the number of applications approved by state judges, 1,505, was down 14 percent from 2007. Federal judges approved 386 applications, down 16 percent from 2007. Orders for 28 wiretaps were approved for which no wiretaps actually were installed."

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