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Operational Law Handbook, 2007

Published June 25, 2007

"The Operational Law Handbook is a "how to" guide for judge advocates practicing operational law. It provides reference and describes tactics and techniques for the practice of operational law. It supports the doctrinal concepts and principles of FM 3-0 and FM 27-100. The handbook provides information on the legal basis for the use of force, law of war (LOW), human rights, rules of engagement, emergency essential civilians supporting military operations, contingency contractor personnel, foreign and deployment, criminal law, environmental law, fiscal law, deployment contracting and battlefield acquisition, intelligence law and interrogation operations, administrative law, international agreements & SOFAs, legal assistance, combating terrorism, domestic operations, noncombatant evacuation operations, special operations, civil affairs, air, sea, and space law, detainee operations, reserve component Soldiers and operations, joint operations, military decision making process & operations plans, Center for Law and Military Operations (CLAM), internet websites for operational lawyers."

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