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CCGA: World Publics Favor New Powers for the UN

May 10, 2007



"Publics around the world favor dramatic steps to strengthen the United Nations, including giving it the power to have its own standing peacekeeping force, to regulate the international arms trade and to investigate human rights abuses.

Large majorities believe the United Nations Security Council should have the right to authorize military force to prevent nuclear proliferation, genocide and terrorism. However support is not as robust among the publics polled for accepting UN decisions that go against their countries' preferences.

These are some of the findings from a survey conducted by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and, in cooperation with polling organizations around the world. Respondents were interviewed in countries that represent 56 percent of the world's population: China, India, the United States, Russia, France, Thailand, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, Mexico, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Argentina, Peru, Armenia and Israel, plus the Palestinian territories. Not all questions were asked in all countries."

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