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Herald Sun: N-power era is well overdue

Author: Miranda Devine
December 2, 2010


First Copenhagen, now Cancun. The warmists are in disarray. This Greens demise is the perfect time for Australia to discuss the benefits of nuclear power, reports the Herald Sun.

Climate change bureaucrats gathering in Cancun, Mexico, this week obviously have realised that their previous two venues, freezing, snow-bound Copenhagen and Poznan, were not a good look for people trying to persuade us the world is burning up.

Of course, the luxurious Moon Palace resort with its 2457 air-conditioned, marble-floored rooms with double jacuzzis and -- Gaia forbid! -- a lavish Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, 12 bars, oversized swimming pools, unlimited buffet and fully imported white sand beach fashioned from an old mangrove swamp is hardly an advertisement for the kind of carbon frugality the climatocracy is trying to foist on the rest of us.


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