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Mallaby: Wolfowitz's Shaky World Bank Reign

Interviewee: Sebastian Mallaby
Interviewer: Robert McMahon
May 2, 2007

A controversy involving World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz is roiling the world's top development bank at a time when it was already facing questions about its relevancy. The conflict-of-interest charges against Wolfowitz, involving an employee who was also his girlfriend, are especially damaging for the bank as it tries to carry through an anti-corruption campaign. Sebastian Mallaby, director of CFR's Maurice R. Greenburg Center for Geoeconomic Studies, says in less than two years, Wolfowitz has already acquired the reputation of a poor manager. Mallaby says Wolfowitz's continued presence as president could erode support for some of the bank's leading donor nations, and damage U.S. development priorities centered on promoting good governance.

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